5 Reasons Why You Need DJ J-Fen at Your Wedding Reception

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 | Written by  DJ J-Fen | 161386 comments

1.        Experienced enough to keep it professional, young enough to keep it lit.

Let’s face it, 95% of local DJs fall into one of two categories—“reliable and outdated” or “young and unreliable”.  I’ve been DJ’ing for 7+ years, with past gigs ranging from small, intimate baby showers all the way to large corporate holiday parties.  I always strive to have my DJ setup to blend in with your existing décor as much as possible.  My motto is “blend in to stand out!”  Don’t forget, your reception DJ should always be dressed for the occasion and in the proper color scheme.

2.       Unprecedented sound quality from Bose.

When it comes to sound you get what you pay for.  Weddings are unique in that they typically contain equal amounts of vocal and musical content.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attended a wedding reception where the DJ’s PA (public announce) system simply could not handle everything being thrown at it.  Most DJs invest in two (2) budget “club” speakers only designed to pump out loud party music cranked to obscene levels to fill larger rooms.  Why?  They’re less expensive and, in a club environment, most people won’t be able to tell the difference.  However, the moment the DJ has to switch over to soft jazz or the best man’s toast, it becomes increasingly clear that the speakers were not designed for that particular use.


In order to accommodate the need for versatility, I turned to the industry experts on sound--Bose.  My setup includes two complete Bose F1 systems capable of delivering crystal-clear vocals along with floor-thumping bass without any distortion to over 1000 guests.  The end result—everyone can hear every word, every note without having to leave the party early due to ear fatigue!


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3.       Unique guest experience.

Imagine a cocktail hour where guests can gather around and view pictures from the wedding using a custom hashtag!  This is just one of the add-on packages that we will be offering in fall 2017.

4.       I play want you want to hear, not the other way around.

Each and every facet of your wedding reception should be a direct reflection of you and your groom’s personalities, including the music.  Crafting the perfect playlist for your reception is a collaborative effort.  Remember, your guests are there to see you and your groom!  The key to an unforgettable reception is to make sure YOU have a great time.  As long as you’re up and dancing your guests will join in as well.

5.       Past brides love me!

My husband and I hired J-Fen Entertainment to host and DJ our wedding, and it was a phenomenal event! DJ J-Fen worked tirelessly to make sure our dream day was a success. He listened closely to our wishes and made sure to customize the event to match our vision. We appreciated his attention to detail and professionalism throughout the entire process. DJ J-Fen made our wedding a joyous–and FUN!–occasion, one we will remember always.” –Alycia 2014


"Thank you so much again for DJ'ing at the wedding.  You did an amazing job!  So many people commented on how awesome you were!" - Courtney 2015


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